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The NOT ORM Python hydrator

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Bring Your Own Query

Hydrate your raw SQL queries into Python objects

Fully typed

Leverage the power of type annotations to drive your code development

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# 💧 Hydrate your SQL into Python objects

Given this structure:

├── queries
│   └── select_all_cities.sql
└── basic.py

And, with these files:

    Your query is now complete 😎

    [City(id=1, name='Kabul', countrycode='AFG', district='Kabol', population=1780000), City(id=2, name='Qandahar', countrycode='AFG', district='Qandahar', population=237500), City(id=3, name='Herat', countrycode='AFG', district='Herat', population=186800), City(id=4, name='Mazar-e-Sharif', countrycode='AFG', district='Balkh', population=127800)]